Monthly top 5 roundup – January 2015

Top five pages from the Internet, top five pages from this site and product of the month all in one convenient place.

The power of five

Top five pages from the Internet

1: War on mediocrity¬†– Hands up if you’re working in school and mediocre…Mr. Cameron is coming to get you!
2: The workload debate – John Tomsett blogs ‘This much I know about…’
3: Haiku Deck – App of the day from
4:Successful leaders are visible – Sir Tim Brighouse sharing his wisdom on why leading from behind an office door doesn’t work.
5: Dear Mrs. Morgan – Michael Rosen writes on behalf of a parent

Top five pages from this site

1: Why ‘Mindset’ is important for teachers and schools
2: A strategy for teacher self-improvement
3: Teaching in a British School in Spain – FAQ
4: Common English errors made by Spanish speakers
5: 5 things to know about renting in Spain

Product of the month

Rising Stars Switched on Computing

We began using this product this term. Making the move from ‘Information technology’ to ‘Computing’ is quite a shift for some schools, especially if teacher confidence in computer programing is low. Fortunately, this scheme of work is based entirely on products that are freely available on the Internet so carries no additional software costs. It also provides easy to follow lessons for the teacher and makes the new computing subject accessible for teachers and students. Year 6 have jumped straight in at the deep end with a project and are working towards creating an app.

Switched on computing – Year 1

Switched on computing – Year 2

Switched on computing – Year 3

Switched on computing – Year 4

Switched on computing – Year 5

Switched on computing – Year 6

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