Shareday Friday – Curriculum 2014: An overview

Each Friday I try to give a little something back to the online education community. This week it is an ‘at a glance’ overview of the 2014 National Curriculum.

2014 National Curriculum – An overview

The above link is a PDF file of the primary National Curriculum for 2014. It covers from Year 1 – Year 6.
It gives a simple guide illustrating how the key stage content might be separated into year groups. With one page per year group it is easy to see how a school specific curriculum can be developed.

One of the challenges of the National Curriculum has always been making it relevant to a specific school. The best way to approach the National Curriculum is to consider it the minimal entitlement for all children. This then leaves specific local authorities or schools free to append what is relevant for their pupils. If the agreed minimum content is covered then schools have the flexibility to design curriculum that matches their pupils and supplements this national minimum requirement.

This Friday my Shareday Friday gift is a document that looks at what a school curriculum focused on the new National Curriculum may look like. It isn’t a one size fits all and this document can’t be lifted and dropped onto schools. Rather, it forms a discussion point for schools looking to personalise their curriculum and at the same time have a thorough coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum.

This document has come to me without copyright information and is shared with schools in good faith as a free tool for developing curriculum. If you are the author of this document and can confirm copyright please do contact me.

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