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A short video to promote thinking and talk

Working with students who have English as a second language (or third) finding opportunities for talk is important. I wrote this week about the needs of EAL students and one of the most important is the time to talk. “Your life in jelly beans” provides a great tool with which you can stimulate talk in the classroom.

No child lines up in the playground thinking “I can’t wait to write that learning objective down” so we have a duty to make the start of lessons something engaging. A picture or a video and five minutes of talk is a great way to get children active in their learning and create a positive classroom environment for learning.

This video is a great lesson starter or maybe even a prompt for writing.

It provides a visual image of the time we have in our lives to accomplish and as such provides a great starting point for talk with pupils.

How can you (or how have you) used this video in class? Leave your experience of this video in the classroom in the comments box below.

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Spanish move has moved!

In March 2008 I entered the blogging community with the story of my family’s intended move to Spain. When the time came and we moved I felt the blog had fulfilled the intended purpose and so I stopped updating.
This new blog is the update. Four years on we are still living in La Barraca in Spain. This new blog will be the update of the relocation together with other thoughts and tales.
Stories from the classroom, from the perspective of my role as Headteacher, elements of travelogue, together with a sprinkling of stream of consciousness as it occurs.
I hope some followers from the original Spanishmove blog will make the journey to this new site and pick up on where the story left off over four and a half years ago.

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