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Monthly top 5 roundup – February 2015

Top five pages from the Internet, top five pages from this site and product of the month all in one convenient place.

The power of five

Top 5 pages from the Internet

1. New commission on primary assessment – After telling schools that they should work out for themselves how to assess pupils, now a commission is being set up to tell schools how they should assess.
2. The problem with lesson planning – David Didau on his blog, The Learning Spy, started the month looking at lesson planning.
3. The challenge for the DfE with workload – Michael Tidd takes a look at the government workload challenge and concludes, “At least we’re heading in the right direction.”
4. The expert in a year challenge – An illustration of the possibilities when targeted practice and growth mindset are brought together.
5. Resourceasourus.co.uk – This site gets a special mention. It looks new but sites like this are breaking with the tradition that teachers should share their work for free. It will be interesting to see if any school ever challenges on the basis of intellectual property rights. Until then, pop your teaching resources on here and receive payment each time they are downloaded.

Top 5 pages from this site

1. All the info. you need to know about teaching abroad – With over 4000 views, this collection of links to information about teaching abroad gets February’s top slot.
2. Two great ideas for displaying pupil targets
3. Teacher turnover and high performing school systems – Why is teacher turnover so low (3%) in high performing school systems?
4. Combating cyber bullying – A great free video resource for exploring cyber bullying with pupils.
5. Using a portfolio effectively on interview – What should be in an interview portfolio and how can you use it to secure your next education post?

Product of the month

This month we have been discussing display in school. We agreed a display policy and then spent time making sure that class displays were purposeful and focused on learning. We also had a staff meeting where we walked around the school and each teacher spent a couple of minutes talking about how they were using display in their own classrooms. A great resource for display ideas is the Belair series of books. The link below is for the general primary display book but there are others with ideas for specific curriculum areas.

Belair on display – The Essential Guide to Primary Display
by Noel Springett-McHugh

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Shareday Friday – Two great ideas for displaying pupil targets

Shareday Friday – my weekly gift to the online educational community
We’ve been looking at how to make individual pupil targets relevant and purposeful. Individual pupil targets in a primary school are a great way of involving pupils in their learning. If the classroom environment can reflect those targets with a well designed display then pupil motivation is improved.

All children in school have three targets that are changed on a half termly basis. Their literacy target gives something they can improve about their writing. Their maths target is an area they are working to improve in number. Finally, we have a third target that we call ‘Habits of learning’. This target is supports the development of learning behaviours that we want to see as embedded practice in our classrooms.

How teachers choose to display those targets is up to individuals. This Friday, in my weekly giving something back to the online community, I present two ideas for displaying and managing individual targets in class.

A primary display of pupil individual targets

Reach for the stars – pupil targets on display

Reach for the stars
In this display the pupils have drawn around an outline of their arm and hand and personalised their work with pattern and colour. The targets, which are easily changed, are attached with post-it notes. Children achieving success with targets are given a star to place on their hand. When they have achieved a prescribed number of stars they know they have achieved success and are ready to change the target. The display is bordered with more post-it notes where the children have recorded how they will know if they have been successful with their targets.

Individual pupil targets on display in a primary school

Bullseye – another method of displaying individual pupil targets

In this display of primary pupil targets the children have written their targets on arrow cards. All targets start outside the board and as children achieve success with their targets they are allowed to move their targets closer to the bullseye. Questions around the board prompt children to remain focussed on success.
“When did you last move your target arrow?”
“How do you know if you are successful with your targets?”

Belair On Display – The Essential Guide to Primary Display


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