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Spanish Sunday

A brunch and a walk on the beach in Cullera.


Chivito – The perfect Valencian brunch

Sunday afternoon and the weather from the last few days has changed. There was a brief flurry of snow in Valencia at one point this week but nothing like the images of stranded motorists that have made the international news.

It was great then to wake up to a warmer day today and a feel of spring in the air. One of the real highlights of working in Spain is the weekend. With a workload that is manageable, without any intervention needed from Nicky Morgan, and weather that rarely interferes with plans, weekends are relaxing.

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After a slow start to the day we headed out to the beach at the nearby town of Cullera. Breakfast was a Chivito, a traditional Valencian bocadillo. Think Spanish style all day breakfast. With pork slices, bacon, cheese, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and mayo it is a high calorie, high flavour weekend brunch.

Palm trees

Palm trees – Cullera

The sky today was clear and the temperature in the sun felt like an English summer afternoon.

Cullera beach

Cullera beach

In the summer Cullera beach fills with sun-worshippers and the sand disappears beneath a kaleidoscope of sun shades. In the winter it is a different scene and the beach is almost deserted. The weather must be warming as today there were people in the sea for the first time this year. Spanish weekends definitely help the sensation that workload is reasonable here and that work and life are better balanced than they are for colleagues working in the United Kingdom.

Rose by the water

Cullera beach

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