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Shareday Friday – Plenary: Speaking and listening about learning

Here is an idea for a plenary that can be used in any lesson. It is a structure for encouraging pupils to speak about their learning and in so doing to reinforce the learning that has taken place in the lesson.

Ending a lesson in a way that recaps the learning and provides time for reflection is a key method for making learning visual in your classroom. This resource provides a great way to emphasise the learning that has taken place. If you can end the lesson by making the learning visual for the pupils then there will be a much greater retention of the learning.

Plenary - Speaking and listening about learning

Plenary – Speaking and listening about learning

Speaking and listening plenary (Click to download as a PDF)

Two strategies for using this resource.

1: Print out and laminate the speech bubbles, enough to provide one for each member of the class. In groups provide time for pupils to think about and verbalise their contribution. Before leaving the class invite each pupil to contribute using the speech bubble as a model for their own learning review.

2: Print out the sheet as a table mat and encourage pupils to review each lesson as a group.

A plenary that focuses on learning and provides opportunities for speaking and listening. For more great ideas about making the plenary count check out this invaluable book by Phil Beadle.

The book of plenary – here endeth the lesson
By Phil Beadle

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